Ouray Canyoning, 2nd Edition

How to Get the Book

Routes in the Second Edition include:

Red Creek
Lower Oben Creek *
Corbett Creek from the Bottom
Main Fork of Corbett Creek *
North Fork of Corbett Creek (aka Pryor Creek) *
Lower Cascade Falls Hike
Cascade Creek Canyoning Route *
Lower Oak Creek *
Middle Oak Creek *
Upper Oak Creek *
Oak Creek Combinations *
Ivan’s Tail (Lower Portland Creek) *
Ice Park Loop Hike
Box Cañon Hikes
Lower Angel Creek *
Middle Angel Creek *
Weehawken Creek from the Bottom
Blue Moon Canyon (Lower Weehawken Creek) *
Upper Weehawken Creek
Bear Creek/The Quartzite Corridor *
Upper Uncompahgre *
Poughkeepsie Gulch *
Ice Lake Creek Canyoning Route *
Lower South Fork Mineral Creek Gorge Hike
Upper South Fork Mineral Creek *
Canyon of the Clouds *

* Technical Canyoning Route

Check out a PDF sample from the book – Portland Creek, aka Ivan’s Tail!

Check out another PDF sample from the book – Lower Oak Creek!